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ubject editors and Peer reviewers have great value in providing credibility and authenticity to any Research Paper / review article and JREIM understands it well.  We  attach great importance to it.  JREIM values the timely publication of all scientific and credible manuscripts submitted for publication, so it is important in the interest of author their research papers / manuscripts are  edited  by the appropriate Subject editors , who is expert of the field to which that manuscript  belongs. It not only furthers the authenticity of the Research Paper / review article but also helps in shaping the manuscript in minimum time with maximum output. thus JREIM team of Subject editors  will receive electronic submission of manuscripts on their Emails directly and process the paper for consideration of publication.  In case you propose to get evolved as subject editor please  fill the form given under for the appropriate selection of Subject editors.

It allows JREIM to recognize your specific field of expertise and facilitates the selection of appropriate Subject editors for specific manuscripts.

*Required fields are marked with asterisks.

This form can be printed and sent /E-nailed to  our Administrative Office to   
Executive Editor, JREIM,   B.29/19, Lanka , P. O.: BHU, Varanasi–221005 (India)

You can E_mail your proposal to  editor@jreim.com  


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Please check the categories that best describe your primary areas of interest and expertise



   Clinical trials

  Pharmaceutical sciences

   Yoga and Naturopathy


  Medicinal Plants

   Unanni Medicine 

  Complimentary & Alternative Medicine  

  Gastroenterology/ Geriatrics and aging

   Sidhha Medicine

  Alternative Medicine



  Integrative Medicine



  Health policy


  Pancha Karma


  Pain management/ Palliative care


  Reproductive medicine

  Parkinson's disease

  Shalya tantra (Ortho)




  Drug interaction

  Medical sociology


  Respiratory Disorders - asthma

  Medical Anthropology

  Shalakya Tantra  (ENT)   Rheumatology

  Erectile dysfunction

 Shalakya Tantra  (Dentistry)


  Fertility/ Sterility

  Prasuti tantra- Stri roag / Obs & Gynae


  Sexual Dysfunctions



  Sexually transmitted diseases

   Dravya Guna

  Agad Tantra/ Jurisprudence

   Psycho- somatic disorders


  Swastha vritta

   Rasayan Vajikaran chikitsa

  Manas Roga (Psychiatry)


   Medicinal Chemistry

  Roga Vigyana/ Vikriti Vigyan


  Experimental Medicine

  Basic Principals of Ayurveda

  Ayurveda Samhita sidhantta  


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Do  you wish to recommend a colleague for Subject editors


If So,  Send a email to editor@jreim.com also send a cc of email to Your Colleague       Recomend_a _ colleague  as Subject Editors     CLICK HERE  for the Form of Recommendation


If you have any questions, please submit them through our website : http://www.jreim.com or email to editor@jreim.com
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