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Author Rights FAQ

Author's rights?
Why does the Journal request transefer of copyright?

Author's rights?
As the contributor,
author retain rights for a number of his uses for which he need not to obtain specific permission from JREIM. These Include:

  • The right to expand the research paper / article into book for publication.
  • The right to include the article in a thesis or dissertation provided that this is not published commercially.
  • Author has rights to any process or procedure described in the research paper /  article or Patent and trademark rights .
  • Author has a right to use this article or its any part, in a printed compilation of works of their own, free of charge like collected writings or lecture notes.
  • Author has right to re-use parts of the research paper / article in other works, provided that the new work is not to be published commercially.
  • Author has the right to post the article / research paper within your employers or institutions network.
  • The right to present the article at a meeting or conference and to hand copies of the paper to the delegates attending the conference.
  • The right to publish a different or extended version of the paper so long as it is sufficiently new to be considered a new work.
  • The right to photocopy or make single electronic copies of the research paper/article for personal use, including for their own classroom use, provided these copies are not used commercially.
  • Author needs specific written permission to post the article as published in JREIM on a public server.
  • Any other uses by authors should be authorized by JREIM, and authors are encouraged to let the publisher know of any particular needs or requirements.

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    Why does the Journal request transfer of copyright?
    To make the user of article to believe that it is the final peer reviewed work as approved and published. The Journal wants to retain exclusive distribution right, for all media.

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